Video + AI + Operating System = Awiros Video Intelligence

Video is the most pervasive content type today. It forms more than 80% of the entire internet traffic.

Awiros' Video Intelligence is the ideal mechanism to leverage state-of-the-art Deep Learning Frameworks right from training to development to deployment at scale. Awiros lets you leverage the science of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret videos, converting them into actionable data for various use cases.

video intelligence working

With Awiros, Video Intelligence is at your fingertips

Capable of handling any scale or complexity, Awiros seamlessly handles the development of apps to
their consumption by the users, with unmatched flexibility and robustness.
develop ai


Awiros provides all the necessary resources to transform your AI algorithms into deployable AI products. Awiros enables you to focus on the core as all other details are taken care of.
deploy video intelligence


Dynamically pick-and-choose any app from the Awiros App Stack for deployment on any video source. Seamlessly deploy on edge, on cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid model.
scale infinitely


Awiros enables you to conveniently scale across hardware, video sources and apps. Go from one app on one source to hundreds of apps across thousands of cameras with a click of a button.
manage video analytics


Awiros lets you allocate resources across locations, apps and video sources dynamically. Extract meaningful Video Intelligence and actionable data using the analytics framework.

Awiros - an intuitive, unified AI OS

Armed with great tools, Awiros is a perfect delivery mechanism for Video Intelligence and Analytics.
AppStack icon

Awiros AppStack

The Awiros AppStack hosts dedicated 'apps' for every Video Intelligence use-case. You can run one or multiple apps, on any video stream of your choice.
Grid icon

Awiros Grid

Events of interest from all of the active apps are displayed together in a consolidated form in the Awiros Grid.
coach icon

Awiros Coach

Using ATOM (Automated Training Orchestration Module), Awiros allows you to annotate and label objects to train the underlying models.
Console icon

Awiros Console

A fullscale dashboard to monitor performance of the apps, devices and AI models is available as a part of the Awiros Console.

Together, We Are Stronger

A first of its kind initiative to bring AI researchers, Computer Vision developers, academia and industry partners under one umbrella.
  • Awiros Developer Community
  • University Connect
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Startup Mentorship
awiros developer community

Awiros Developer Community

Awiros is an open platform for Computer Vision and AI developers, providing them with all of the neccessary resources for transforming AI algorithms into end-to-end solutions. It is, therefore, used by developers from across the world for testing, training, benchmarking and deploying their applications.
awiros university connect

University Connect

Awiros is a test-bed for research and development of cutting-edge technologies thorugh its tie-ups with some of the best universities globally. Academic reserachers from varied focus areas leverage Awiros' ecosystem for development of new AI algorithms and constantly contribute to the Awiros' rich AppStack.
awiros partner ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

Awiros' constant endeavor is to collaborate and grow along with the best in class technology providers across its ecosystem. Through our strong go-to-market, technology integrations and collaborations we are startegically placed as thought leaders in the AI and Video Intelligence domain.
awiros startup mentorship

Startup Mentorship

At Awiros, we believe in growing together. Therefore, we are stitching together an ecosystem of talent, resources, products and business opportunities for us to benefit mutually. Awiros empowers startups to quickly connect with the end customer by acting as a bridge between innovation and consumers.

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