Smart Cities

Powering the cities of the future

With some of the most advanced solutions for Video Intelligence based traffic management, urban management and citizen safety, Awiros is helping governments and law-enforcement to use video-data like never before.
  • Traffic Management Apps
  • Municipality Centric Apps
  • Citizen Safety Apps

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Identify vehicles on the street.

Vehicle of Interest (VoI) Tracking

Track a VoI by colour, number plate.

Illegal Parking Detection

Detect and identify illegally parked vehicles.

Helmet Violation Detection

Identify two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets

Signal Violation Detection

Know the details of every instance of traffic signal violation.

Speed Violation Detection

Know the speed of every vehicle and identify vehicles violating the speed limit.

Attendance of Sanitation workers

Ensure that sanitation workers are present on-site during duty hours through automatic attendance.

Garbage/ Debris collection Alert

Be notified about the accumulation of garbage/debris in an area for timely cleaning.

Sewer/Water Overflow Detection

Get notified about the overflow of water in an area so that the problem may be fixed in time.

Garbage Truck Tracking

Track the movement of garbage trucks in the city

Pothole Detection

Be notified about potholes for their timely repair.

Vandalism Detection

Get notified if public property is being damaged.

Facial Recognition

Be notified about the presence of Person-of-Interest in public places.

Abandoned Object Detection

Detect abandoned/suspicious objects in public spaces.

Region Watch

Get alerts about unusual activity in restricted areas or areas of interest.

Crowd Estimation

Remotely estimate crowd density and manage crowds.

Loitering Alert

Be notified in case of loitering around high security areas.

Intrusion Detection

Get immediate alerts in case someone is trying to trespass.