Awiros Developer Support

It takes more than 90% of the time and 70% of the cost to develop the allied technologies around an AI model to convert it into a market-ready product. Awiros is the first-of-its-kind full-scale operating system for video intelligence that enables you to create, test, train and benchmark your AI models for Image and Video Processing. Awiros also gives you an opportunity to publish them to be deployed at scale in real environments for your clients.

With your problem statements and innovative solutions, Awiros gives you all the right tools including a suite of video decoders, database manager, unified user-interface and deployment manager to easily transform your ideas into market ready solutions.

Please write to us for Getting Started.

How Awiros Helps

Awiros App Development SDK

Awiros C++/Python SDK allows you to quickly create applications that can be delivered to your customers as quickly as possible. The applications that scale, are easy to deploy and give user the control to run on any camera/video source in a drag and drop fashion. Awiros SDK lets you focus only on the core components of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, while all the remaining components are in place under the hood and managed by Awiros itself.

The process of creating an app is simple:
Register app > write code > test app > deploy app

Awiros Coach - Model Training Module

Awiros Coach allows to annotate, train and retrain your models through a user friendly interface. Coach lets you train your models from scratch or use one of the existing models to speed up the annotation and training process.

Awiros Coach integrates deeply with complete technology stack so that the data and events generated by other apps can be plugged back for further training as well.

Awiros API Integration

Awiros’ Data Exchange Server provides easy-to-use plugins and hooks for making REST API calls to third party systems such as Alarms, Video Management and PoS/Billing Systems. This enables Awiros and hence all the Apps to seamlessly communicate and integrate with the larger ecosystem of other OEMs. This integration is highly sought after in enterprise, smart cities, law-enforcement and smart home applications.