Awiros Platform

Awiros Software Platform allows the user to choose from the Awiros AppStack and install it on the hardware provisioned for the purpose. A dedicated use case like facial recognition or number plate recognition or multiple apps can be installed on any of the video streams. The configuration of an app running on a video stream can be changed on demand based on the policy requirements. Awiros Platform has capability to scale to the application's need. Awiros can provision the apps on a few cameras to hundreds of them at one location or several, through simple mouse clicks on user's demand. Awiros Platform can be installed with any of the three deployment architectures, namely cloud, on-premise, or edge + central deployment. Awiros platform allows you to Develop and host your own apps and put them in produciton with ease.

awiros frs example
awiros traffic management

Real time alerts from all of the streams are displayed in a consolidated form on the Awiros OS Dashboard as well as the Awiros mobile app.

Key Advantages

  • Complete AI ecosystem for Video Intelligence
  • Choose one or more from the dozens of Video Intelligence Apps on the Awiros AppStack
  • Uniquely configure every single video stream before the deployment
  • Run your app on any number of video streams across any number of locations or cameras
  • Scale cameras, locations and apps on demand
  • Can be installed on any computing platform supporting Linux
  • Access real-time notifications on the online dashboard and mobile app
  • Custom UI also available on request

Who is it for?

  • Smart Cities deployment
  • Enterprise Security
  • Parking Management
  • Large Events and Expos