Awiros Enterprise

Rack Mountable Server for Large Deployments with Central Processing

Awiros Enterprise is a pre-packaged solution for large deployments with support for upto 100 applications per machine. With a form factor of a 800X1000mm rack mountable server, Awiros Enterprise is the perfect solution for enhancing the command and control center with Advanced Video Intelligence.

Awiros Enterprise also offers virtually infinite scalability. For a large number of applications in use-cases like smart cities, multiple instances of the rack server can be installed and the Awiros OS seamlessly scales to give the user a unified interface.

Key Advantages

  • Compatible with all camera makes and models
  • Works with stored videos and integrates all leading VMS platforms
  • Each server supports upto 100+ channels
  • User-management, access control and cluster management built-in
  • Scales seamlessly in terms of number of channels and servers

Who is it for?

  • Smart Cities and Municipalities
  • Industrial Complex
  • Education Campuses