Awiros Enterprise

Rack Mountable Server for Large Deployments with Central Processing

Awiros Enterprise is a pre-packaged solution for large deployments with support for upto 100 applications per machine. With a form factor of a 800X1000mm rack mountable server, Awiros Enterprise is the perfect solution for enhancing the command and control center with Advanced Video Intelligence.

awiros enterprise server
awiros rack mountable

Awiros Enterprise also offers virtually infinite scalability. For a large number of applications in use-cases like smart cities, multiple instances of the rack server can be installed and the Awiros OS seamlessly scales to give the user a unified interface.

Key Advantages

  • Compatible with all camera makes and models
  • Works with stored videos and integrates all leading VMS platforms
  • Each server supports upto 100+ channels
  • User-management, access control and cluster management built-in
  • Scales seamlessly in terms of number of channels and servers

Who is it for?

  • Smart Cities and Municipalities
  • Industrial Complex
  • Education Campuses