About Us

Our mission is to bring the power of Video Intelligence to everyone; right from developers to the end users. Awiros is the conduit to bring the most cutting edge research in the areas of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the market.

Incorporated in 2015, Awiros is making it possible for everyone to build as well as utilize the most advanced applications of Computer Vision and AI in their everyday lives using its app-oriented open and unified Operating System model. With a stellar team of researchers and engineers, our constant endeavor is to push the boundaries of technology while delivering great value to our customers.

A bunch of ordinary folks with extraordinary goals
(we are being modest).

Alok Inamdar

Ashish Bhatt

Hitesh Chauhan

Mohd. Nayeem

Piyush Bansal

Paurush Dube

Ravi Kumar

Rushali Saroch

Saransh Karira

Sidharth Sindhra

Sutapa Sikdar

Vikram Gupta

Yatin Kavishwar